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      版本(Version):Ver 3.0


      Specification of Battery Charger

      1: Model:DBL042150, 4.2V/1.5A . Duel outputs, for 2 single cells Li battery charger.

      2: Special Feature:

      1. Accurate voltage detecting, ensure fully charging but avoid of over-charging.
      2. Current auto balance, Ensure 2 cells fully charged near the same time.
      3. Temperature protection. Detecting the temperature of the charger.
      4. Accurate constant charging current control.
      5. Accurate line compensation shortens the charging time.
      6. Short circuit protection. Current becomes much less than the rated charging current when short circuit occurs.
      7. 2 Dual color LEDs shows the operating situation of the charging progress.
      8. With advanced power controlling skills, make the charger small and light and, the temperature rising is much lower than the opponents’.

      3: Environment:

      1. Ambient Temperature: -10--40℃
      2. Ambient Humidity: 30%--85%
      3. Storage Temp:-20℃--70℃
      4. Storage Humidity:30%--90%

      4: Input:

      1. Rated Voltage:AC110/220V
      2. Voltage Range:AC100—265V
      3. Rated. Freq.:50/60Hz
      4. Freq. Range:47/63Hz
      5. Rated Current:100mA/220V;
      6. Max Current:150mA/220V;

      5: Output curve and parameter:

      1. VOLTAGE:4.2V(4.15-4.25V);
      2. CURRENT:1500MA total(1300-1700MA);
      3. The current will auto adjusted from 0-1500mA according to the battery status.
      4. Changing LED Current: 75-200MA( Customer define)

      6: LED Indicator:

      1. Power on, No battery----------Green on
      2. Charging on---------------------Red on
      3. Charging finish, Trickle on—Green on

      7: Power Plug, output plug and Cable.
      Power plug: American standard 2 pin (or User define)。
      Output cable: UL2468 22AWG 1200MM (or User define)
      Output connector: DC3. 5*1.35*10 male (or User define)。Centre positive.


      1. schematic:refer to picture:
      2. Input:220V/50Hz
      3. Test items:
        1. Voutmax <= 4.30V(Iout=0)
        2. Vout >=4.0V(Iout>900mA)
        3. LED change to green current:75-200MA
      4. Test methods( 1 output):
        1. K: 0—1: Vout<=4.30V;
        2. K: 0—2: Adjust Varistor till LED change color from RED to GREEN, record the current and voltage. Voltage must between 4.15—4.30V, Current between 75—200mA
        3. K: 0—3: Voltage >= 4.0V, Current>=900mA
      5. repeat 4 for another output.
      6. The product passed all these tests is “OK”

      9:Case size:
      With fixed power poles
      2 Color LED indicator

      Gift box Size: 72(L)*54(W)*100(H)
      Carton Size: 370*295*440
      Quantity: 100 PCs/CTN, (Arranged: 5*5*4)
      Net Weight: 14Kg/CTN
      Gross Weight: 15kg/CTN

      The charger without battery reverses protection circuit. Wrong connecting will damage the charger.
      Be sure disconnect the battery from the charger if AC power stopped, for there’s about 10mA current discharged from battery to charger.
      Indoor use only.

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